The roots of human violence

Gepostet am 10.05.2011 in Brain Video, Psyche und Gehirn

Video lecture with Stanislav Grof

In this lecture Stanislav Grof, a world known psychiatrist, psychologist and author ,describes briefly the basics of psychospiritual death and rebirth and the psychologial roots of human violence according to his perinatal model .

He introduces the term "perinatal" domain, which contains all the stages of birth that we go through in a non-ordinary state of consciousness. The lecture would be of interest and help for any psychiatrists who deal with the human mind.

Since time immemorial, violence and greed have been among the most important forces driving human history. Due to technological progress and exponential population growth in the twentieth century, they have become a threat for survival of life on our planet. It has become imperative to gain a deeper understanding of the roots of these forces in the human psyche and to find ways of reducing their impact in the world.

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