Plant Orchestra : können Pflanzen Musik machen?

By: Tina TimeWaveZero
Gepostet am 10.05.2011 in Frequenzen, Vision Video

Video about an experiment, called the Plant Orchestra.

The artists Anders Meldgaard and Christina Shirley let plants create music by connecting them to an amplifier, synthesizer and an organ. In this video we took a closer look at their art installation and tried to find out how the experiment works.

The method is based on measuring the electrical resistance of the plant (in Ohms) and transferring these signals to the amplifier. How does the sound of the plant change over longer periods of time? What is the language of the plant and how does the plant communicate with human beings?

Quite a few experts from diverse disciplines like biochemistry, biology, agriculture and botany are convinced that sound can influence plants in their growth. Music is often used to stimulate the growth of plants. In this experiment the situation is reversed  - the plant influences the environment and is not only a subject of influence. Can this kind of biofeedback be scientifically observed and proven? What are the basics of plant bioacoustics?

This video will be followed by a series of new episodes on the subject of bioacoustics and eco acoustics on Time Wave Zero TV. Stay tuned!


Flash is required!

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